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Is A Decent Burger Too Much For Scott Reitz To Ask For?

Oh, Dallas. Dallas, Dallas, Dallas. Dallas. How you have displeased Scott "The Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz with your over-cooked hamburgers. It's not rocket science, is it, Dallas? Or maybe it is. Sigh. Here Scott Reitz is, carrying the heavy cross of a Dallas Observer food critic, introducing you to guacamole authenticity, lecturing you on your shit margaritas, and you pay him back by over-cooking his hamburgers?

"Some burger town," writes Reitz on City of Ate. Eating hamburgers in Dallas is like when you ordered that Archers of Loaf reissue online and then it comes in the mail and it is not the reissue at all but just some guy's used CD, and you are like shit, I could have spent that money on PBR and Parliament Lights. But whatever. It's here now, you might as well listen to it even if the quality blows Dov Charney butt:

I'm ready to give up and start requesting burgers rare at most places I go. If rare is over-cooked to medium, I should end up with a happy sandwich. But it's a shame most places can't get this right.
Even in Reitz's survey of 20 or more hamburgers in town, nobody seems to be able to get it right. Way to harsh a hipster dreamboat's buzz, brahs.

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Reitz says he felt sorry for a fellow Angry Dog burger-orderer. [Photo: Flickr user MO.IS.E]

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