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That Jason Garrett Is A Real Jokester, That Jason Garrett Is

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Golly jeez, that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett is such a card! Sure, he seems all business on the field, but it turns out he's just putting on his game face. In today's Dallas Morning News, sports writer Jon Machota recounts a hilarious and wacky story told at a luncheon yesterday by Troy Aikman wherein Garrett once jumped into a restaurant pool--wait for it--with all of his clothes on!

Back when Garrett was just the team's backup quarterback, some Cowboys teammates including Daryl Johnston and Garrett were refueling after a tournament at the Colonial Country Club at historic Fort Worth Tex-Mex institution Joe T. Garcia's. Someone decided to jump in the pool, and if you guys can believe it, Garrett did, too! Aikman told Machota:

“I can see everyone doing it that was there except Jason,” Aikman, who admitted that he wasn’t at the restaurant, said during a PwC-SMU Athletic Forum at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. “Jason Garrett was doing that. So that’s the one blemish I have on him. I don’t think that will keep him from getting elected if he ran for office.”
The knee-slapping clincher: diners were nearby. Dining! But it's all in jolly good fun, isn't it, chaps? Humph-ha-humph-ha-humph-ha.

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The scene of the crime. [Photo: Jen R./Yelp]

Joe T. Garcia's

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Joe T. Garcia's

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