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Putting "Foodie" Out To Pasture

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We've been watching several local Twitter conversations lately about the use of the word "foodie," with folks enthusiastically declaring themselves "over it" and identifying obnoxious uses of the word. Eater Dallas agrees, and not just because it rhymes with "doodie," which: gross. What's the qualification to be a foodie? Must one simply be really, really into food? Because if that's the case, most people's household pets qualify. Must one have a particular amount of gastronomical knowledge? A background in advanced home cheffery? Good taste? What does it even mean?

Deliciously bad-mouthed food writer Alice "The Cheap Bastard" Laussade replied to @BigDFoodTruck's tweet about the term saying, '''foodie' and 'E.V.O.O.' can get fucked.'" That's a strong indictment indeed, considering Rachael Ray's cutesy chef schtick is maybe the most-maligned in the business.

So, class: discuss. Where does foodie belong on the spectrum of, say, person-with-mouth and food critic? And if we're totally over foodie, what should we say instead?

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