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Pho-irst Day Pho-reak Out At Pho Colonial

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Three D Magazine employees made the triple-digit trek for some Pho Colonial downtown on opening day yesterday and didn't exactly cherish the experience, although the pho itself is reportedly something to write home about. More specifically, it's something to write an extended blog post detailing a number of opening day gaffes about. A two-hour wait for food, standing around unsatiated by Vietnamese drink after drink--one employee bailed--makes Sarah Reiss a very unhappy woman:

"The line was never that long, and the dining room was full, but not overflowing. So here is my question: What the hell were they doing in the kitchen all that time? There was so much stress and activity, but no one seemed to be receiving any actual food. The more concerning question is, how do they expect to service the downtown lunch crowd?"
Reiss says she talked to the restaurant's PR rep, who promises to fix the slow service--the restaurant's Facebook page even reads: "We want to thank you for all the support and glad to take care of anyone whom we did not deliver on time." For her part, Reiss writes she'll charitably "give them a week or so to work out the kinks" and call ahead next time.

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The new window at Pho Colonial downtown. [Photo: Pho Colonial on Facebook]

Pho Colonial

1623 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 748-0746 Visit Website

Pho Colonial

1623 Main Street, Dallas, TX