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Spread Eagle Saloon To Stretch Its Wangs Wings

Spotted by Downtown resident and D Magazine staffer Krista Nightengale: the big honking TABC application sign in the window for a venue to be called the "Spread Eagle Saloon" at 1608 Elm Street. Writes Nightengale on the Frontburner blog: "My first pet's name was Flower (she was a rabbit). But as bad as I am at naming things, I think I could do better with my bar than Spread Eagle Saloon." Sure, if you were opening a tea room. But if this place is a breastaurant--and doesn't the name sound so?--it rather gets to the point.

A little internet digging reveals the place was incorporated back in February, and there's already a Facebook page and website under construction.

· Spread Eagle Saloon to Open in Downtown Dallas [FrontBurner]
· Spread Eagle Saloon [Official]

Hard evidence. [Photo: Krista Nightengale]

Spread Eagle Saloon

1608 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Spread Eagle Saloon

1608 Elm Street, Dallas, TX