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Would You Pay $429 To Make Your Own Sushi?

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Nobu Dallas.
Nobu Dallas.
Photo: Nobu/Official

With the proliferation of deal-driven social media sites and e-mail lists like Groupon and LivingSocial comes the inevitable haters, and none are more popular, perhaps, than Ryan Sutton's The Bad Deal, which keeps an eye on those half-price, four-for-one, one-day-only, yadda yadda yadda, deals so you don't have to. Today in The Bad Deal's crosshairs: Nobu Dallas, which has partnered with Gilt City to offer a nonrefundable $429-per-couple sushi making class valid for one day only. Writes Sutton:

Guests at Nobu Dallas are taught to make something they never should make at home, because they lack Nobu's knife skills, rice skills and relationships with quality fish purveyors. Ticket holders receive dinner, but Gilt fails to specify what they'll eat or what they'll drink. Dinner is over by 3pm, according to Gilt. It's a $429 early-bird leap of faith. Guests also received a Nobu cookbook, which they'll never use, and a Nobu cap and t-shirt, which they'll re-gift to the next crop of Slovakian exchange students.
In lieu of this deal--Bad Deal insists they're huge fans of Texas, ridonk sushi class notwithstanding--Sutton suggests the $129 multi-course tasting menu at Nobu, as "the U.S. dollar does not expire-- unless Rick Perry secedes from the union and declares the burrito as the official currency of the Southwest." And there's always the third option: getting drunk and eating Frito pie in Deep Ellum.

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