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Top Chef Texas: It's All Happening You Guys!


What's that you say, Bravo? Top Chef Season Nine is headed to the Lone Star State? Top Chef Texas is real? Well bless our boots, we just had no idea. We are really surprised. We almost cannot believe it. If only we'd had an inkling. Something at all to clue us in. Even a tiny nibbly tidbit. Oh well, now we know for sure, thanks to Bravo's blog announcement:

Fans hungering for a taste of Season 9 have some new information to satiate them until Top Chef returns -- the ninth season of the Emmy-Award winning (and recently nominated once again) show will head South, to the great state of Texas.
Then, something-something-Padma-cowboy-hats, something-something guest judges Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson. The competition features Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, with Houston notably absent. Adds the Bravo blogger: "We hope the cheftestants cowboy boots are made for walking (sorry, had to!)"

No, actually, you didn't. You really, really didn't.

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