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Week In Reviews: Dee Lincoln's, Bizzi's, The Grape

Leslie Brenner said Dee Lincoln's has a "Forever 21" feel.
Leslie Brenner said Dee Lincoln's has a "Forever 21" feel.
Photo: Kevin Marple/Dee Lincoln's on Facebook

This week, local critics reviewed subdued suburbia, urban swank and an old classic. Here's what they thought:

DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- Leslie Brenner reviews Dee Lincoln's Restaurant and Bubble Bar at Rosewood Court, which "feels a little Forever 21" with its over-the-top decor. She gives two stars for a wine selection that "isn't particularly exciting" and is served at inappropriate temperatures from Enomatic dispensers, below-par caviar and a shrimpless shrimp and grits. -- Cathy Frisinger visited the "spare but chic" Bizzi's Wine and Cheese Bistro in Bedford and praised the home-made foccacia. Her "surprise favorite" was a sun-dried tomato and Swiss flatbread, but says the service is uneven and because it's a non-chain, family-owned joint, it may be that the "consistency that suburbanites prize in their chain restaurants isn't there."

DALLAS OBSERVER -- Scott Reitz liked the homey feel of The Grape and particularly the off-menu items: calamari and a venison and veal terrine. He praises the burger but also cautions diners not to focus totally on the food--it's a fine table-watching venue, too.

The Grape Restaurant

2808 Greenville Avenue, , TX 75206 (214) 828-1981 Visit Website

Dee Lincoln's Bubble Bar

2101 Cedar Springs, Dallas, TX 75201 214-979-9463

Dee Lincoln's Restaurant and Bubble Bar

2101 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX 75201