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The Dram On Henderson Is A Candleroom Joint

We've got some details on what the deal is with The Dram on Henderson Avenue, and boy were we sort of wrong in the wild and rampant speculation we posted along with their TABC notice last week. Turns out the man (or one of them, at least) behind The Dram is none other than Tommy DeAlano, he of the Candleroom and the Sunset Lounge and more recently, Oak in the Design District. He tells us The Dram will be an "after dinner cocktail bar," and while he didn't go into details, he says things are "progressing steadily."

We predicted last week that The Dram would feature valet parking, natch, plus "specialty cocktails and an old-fashioned, vaguely apothecary-related theme, maybe something in the way of a speakeasy," so we figure the cocktails part was right, at least. And, well, the valet parking thing goes without saying at a swanky DeAlano joint, does it not?

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Drammit! [Photo: @johnnyseale]

Sunset Lounge

3030 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204 (214) 823-8193 Visit Website


8118 Oak Street, , LA 70118 (504) 302-1485 Visit Website

The Dram

2918 N Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX