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The Hipster Dreamboat Sets Sail At Ships Lounge

This summer, Eater Dallas spent untold hours slaving away at our map-making software, honing the most perfect list of hipster bars and dives we could possibly craft for the Dallas Observer's Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz. We are gratified to see our efforts pay off: Ships Lounge is easily one of the finest dives in Dallas, and Reitz picked the bar for a viewing of the Cowboys game this Sunday. He had a fine time with the locals and bartender Jennifer, who "never lets your beer go empty and exudes Texas charm." Continuing:

Mr. Brown comes to the bar just into the first quarter, his graying hair tucked under a derby cap. He orders red wine on ice. There's not a ton to choose from here. Ships is one of the last few of a dying breed: a bar which serves only beer and wine, though you can bring your own liquor if you like. Nobody brought booze this night, but a couple brought pizza from a shop around the corner. Minutes later half the bar has a slice.
Naturally, the Dreamboat knows all about nautical puns. A crap Romo pass ends up "giving up the game but only temporarily taking the wind from Ships' sails." We told you so, Reitz. We told you so. [CityOfAte]

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[Photo: Ships Lounge/Facebook]

Ships Lounge

1613 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX 75206