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Arts District Food Fail; Chi'Lantro BBQ Coming To Dallas

ARTS DISTRICT -- Nancy Nichols wonders why the restaurants over at One Arts Plaza don't keep track of big shows at the Winspear and serve delicious food and beverages accordingly, instead of leaving diners high and dry and the few open restaurants packed to the brim. [SideDish]

FOOD TRUCKS -- Jose Ralat Maldonado over at the Taco Trail has details on Austin's Chi'Lantro BBQ food truck making a move to Dallas next year. The owners have previously said that Houston would be their first satellite city. [TacoTrail]

AIRPORT -- The Rick's Cabaret just south of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport may begin serving cocktails soon, despite a political outcry against the strip club. A judge has found in favor of granting the club its permits, taking it from BYOB to full service. Well, not full service. You know what we mean. [Star-Telegram]

Should the Screen Door serve during concerts? [Photo: Screen Door/Facebook]

The Screen Door

1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201