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In Restaurant Biz, Arlington Soars As Fort Worth Sinks

This is a restaurant desert, says
This is a restaurant desert, says
Photo: West 7th/Official

Allow Eater Dallas to make an introduction. Downtown Arlington, meet Forth Worth's West Seventh Street district. We think y'all have some things to talk about. Specifically, about why Arlington's in a restaurant boom and West Seventh Street can't sell $15 hamburgers to save its life. asks, today: "What's eating the restaurant business in Fort Worth?" now that Mac's and others have failed to flourish on in the West Seventh:

So what separates the runaway successes from the heartbreaking failures? Why does a place like Delaney's go belly up when, just down the street, a similar restaurant-bar concept like The Pour House is booming? There is no fool-proof formula, especially in Fort Worth. You have to start with high volume, top quality food and a great location -- one where the rent doesn't swallow your profits.

Over in Arlington, "restaurants flock to downtown," says NBC DFW:

There is something new cooking in downtown Arlington. After years of car lots and empty buildings, restaurants are flocking to the area. Within the past month, two restaurants -- Grease Monkey and Mellow Mushroom -- have opened. And Twisted Root Burger Co. will soon join them.
A few new restaurants pop up in Arlington, and suddenly the city's having a renaissance. A couple fail in Fort Worth, and it's time to check the pulse?

Twisted Root Burger Company

2615 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226 214 741 7668 Visit Website

West 7th Street

University Dr & W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76101