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Taco Heads Party; Bastard Eats (Hot) Dog; Primebar Opens

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UPTOWN -- Mike Hiller checked out the new Primebar on Cedar Springs last night, and the place looks swank. Or maybe that's just the "honeyed lighting." Forty beers on tap, y'all. Opens tonight. [EscapeHatchDallas]

FORT WORTH -- The Taco Heads food truck is turning one year old, and they're having a party tonight behind 7th Haven on West Seventh Street in Fort Worth. Dollar tacos, plus music by Latin Express. [EatThisFortWorth]

NORTH DALLAS -- Alice "The Cheap Bastard" Laussade visited the Dog Stop up in North Dallas, where people go "when you inevitably get hit with a real hankerin' for the taste of mashed, tubed-up lips and assholes." She found it to be "bitchin'." [City of Ate]

That Primebar honeyed lighting. [Photo: Primebar/Facebook]


2520 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX