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All Together Now: Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop Opens Today

Both the Dallas Observer and D Magazine reported on yesterday's surprise, very soft opening of Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop (yes, spelled like that, you know, like an adorable way to say sandwiches) in Deep Ellum. SideDish has the majority of the details, such as: how Frank and Amber Campagna painted murals for the location, and how they're still waiting on a booze license to sell their intended local and craft beers. They also report that the shop soft-opens today. Well, surprise-surprise, it actually opens ... yesterday.

In that vein, City Of Ate spotted their "Now Open" banner and got on the horn:"We knew there would be a heavy lunch crowd, and we wanted to simplify, make things quick, affordable and enjoyable," owner Kathy Crelly tells the blog. Are things quick, affordable and enjoyable? Digging those Campagna murals? Well, you can stop by today and decide for yourself.

· Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop Soft Opens Thursday [SideDish]
· Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop In Deep Ellum Opens Today [City Of Ate]

[Photo: Uncle Uber's/Facebook]

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

2713 Commerce St, , TX 75226 (214) 653-8237 Visit Website

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

2713 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226