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Garden Cafe Loses BYO Booze Battle, Stays Dry (Updated!)

One of East Dallas' most popular neighborhood joints, the Garden Cafe over on Junius Street, has officially lost its bid to get a booze permit. Yesterday the city council voted against the cafe, report CraveDFW and SideDish, so the spot's dry overlay will remain. (Also remaining, presumably, is the Garden Cafe's "worst case scenario" of an all-night sober-up party central, which would have been off the table if the restrictions proposed on their booze permit had gone through.)

SideDish talked to City Councilmember Angela Hunt, who told Nancy Nichols that the dry overlay "makes sense," because "once you remove it, you can’t replace it and we’ve seen the problems that can happen on Lower Greenville." At least this means everyone will be fully sober to give chase if those little old ladies decide to stop by again and steal the cafe's corn crop.

UPDATE: Just got an e-mail from manager Mark Wootten, who says, "In the end we just could not appease the concerned neighbors. Angela acted as an excellent representative, if the majority supports alcohol at the Garden Cafe it didn't show in Council Chambers. That's what it came down to."

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No booze here. [Photo: Garden Cafe/Facebook]

Garden Cafe

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Garden Cafe

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