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Feastcraft, FCG BBQ Blogs Named "Most Valuable"

The results are in from the CBS "Most Valuable Blogger" contest, and we have two winners: in the popular vote category, it's Jonas Luster of Feastcraft, and the editors' pick was Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn's Full Custom Gospel BBQ. Eater Dallas provided our faithful readers with a guide to the bloggers in the contest last month, and Jonas Luster, the winner hisownself, attributes our guide for his win. As if there were any question in anyone's mind that we here at EDFW are verily kingmakers. Luster comments:

Thanks for the link, guys. If my logs are somewhat to be believed (praise Wordpress for counting outbounds), Eater bringing so many new readers to feastcraft contributed a metric porkton to winning this.

Indebtedly yours, the weird reverse-psychological dude.

To which we say: no, sir, we are indebted to you and your excellent blog.

· Feastcraft [Official]
· Full Custom Gospel BBQ [Official]

[Photo: CBS DFW]