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Texas' First Capriotti's Opening Monday In Plano

The first-ever Capriotti's in Texas.
The first-ever Capriotti's in Texas.
Photo: Courtesy Capriotti's

Fans of Las Vegas-via-Delaware's Capriotti's, a sandwich shop featuring a hunk of bread and meat called the "Bobbie," (AOL's "Best Sandwich In America") have been e-mailing us ever since we announced the restaurant's intentions to open their first-ever Texas location in Plano. Today, we have an official opening date. On September 26, just one week from today, all those "Bobbieheads" who've been emailing us with their CAPS LOCK buttons nailed down out of excitement will finally be satisfied. For example, Delaware-to-Texas transplant Kim says:

"I'm a native Delawarian and I am SOOO excited about Capriotti's opening!!! I CANT WAIT!! Its been well over a year since Ive had a Bobbie, and its the longest I've gone in my life!
Deep breaths, everyone. Deep breaths. Especially before ordering a "SlawBeJo," which features "homemade roast beef, provolone cheese, Russian dressing and mayo."

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Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

4021 Preston Rd #616, Plano, TX 75093, Plano, TX 75093 972-596-1999


4021 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75093