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Balcony Club's In Trouble; Booze Sales Suit Thrown Out

LAKEWOOD -- The guy behind the Balcony Club is in dire financial straits. He needs cash from new investors fast or the classic Lakewood jazz club will be gone in two weeks. [UnfairPark]

DEEP ELLUM -- Craft beer lovers, listen up: the Deep Ellum Brewing Company tweeted this afternoon: "Our boiler, aka the last piece of the puzzle, is enroute. Won't be much longer now." [@DeepEllumBrewCo]

BOOZE -- Beer and wine sales are a definite go for the whole of Dallas now that a judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging the November election that legalized them throughout formerly dry parts of the city. [DMN]

[Photo: The Balcony Club/Facebook]

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

2823 Saint Louis Street, , TX 75226 (214) 888-3322 Visit Website

Balcony Club

1825 Abrams Road # B Dallas, TX 75214-6619