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Fat People, Please Stop Eating Fried Food Right In Front Of Nancy Nichols At The State Fair Of Texas

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Nancy Nichols at D Magazine does not want to join the fun when it comes to excitement over fried foods at the State Fair of Texas. Why? The food scold hates being forced to stop what she's doing to sit down and watch at length as gross fat people eat. Today on SideDish, she writes:

The last time I visited the Fair, I sat at one of the picnic benches and watched a family of three eat their way through a pile of food. The husband and wife, maybe in their early 40s, were obese. The woman was in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank. The husband, who weighed at least 350 pounds, was shoveling food in his mouth using both hands. The saddest sight was their son. He couldn’t have been 12 years old and already on the verge of obesity. He was listlessly staring at the ground and gnawing on a huge turkey leg.
And for those of you who want Nichols to lighten up, she says: "That isn’t fun or funny to me. It’s gross."

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We made sure there were no fat people in this picture so Nancy Nichols could look at it unscathed. [Photo: Flickr user Celloc]

The State Fair of Texas

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