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Cheesemonger Talks; Tesar Cooks; Crimson Opens

OAK LAWN -- Steven "Yesterday I met a lady bartender, today I met a lady cheesemonger and by the way have you guys seen these photos of this girl with her shirt half off" Doyle interviews Ali Morgan of Scardello, who "offers a bit of a giggle." [CraveDFW]

ARTS DISTRICT -- Kim Pierce checked out John Tesar's new One Art concept last night and guess the fuck what y'all, she says it was good. [EatsBlog]

UPTOWN -- Crimson Asian Cuisine has opened in the West Village and it's "not fancy, but nice." The patio is "decent-size." The dining room is "small-ish." Or whatever or something. [CityOfAte]

Scardello inside. [Photo: Scardello/Facebook]


3511 Oak Lawn Avenue, , TX 75219 (214) 219-1300 Visit Website


3511 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219