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Balcony Club Gets New Lease On Life, Literally

The beleaguered Balcony Club, which has had a tumultuous month trying to get their financial affairs in order, is open for the duration according to owner Tommy Stanco. At the beginning of September, the historic jazz club next to the Lakewood Theater was seeking investors to help them out of dire straits, then they officially closed on September 14th before suddenly re-opening last weekend. Last night, Stanco posted this message on his Facebook page:

Our landlords have come through and shown us that we are valued tenants, and our NEW LEASE was generous and understanding! Let the past be gone, but not forgotten, and, as 'Fat Boy Slim' says, "HERE WE GO..."
Eater Dallas will drink to that, y'all.

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[Photo: Balcony Club/Facebook]

Balcony Club

1825 Abrams Road # B Dallas, TX 75214-6619