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Tim Love Loves A Certain Mayonnaise Brand For Money

Tim Love (of Lonesome Dove and soon, Woodshed Smokehouse) has picked up not only a Costco gig but now, a part in a faux reality show cooking contest sponsored by a certain mayonnaise brand we'll call ... Schmellmann's. According to the New York Times, Tim Love is getting all Bobby Flay up in this piece:

In the chicken challenge, Tim Love, a celebrity chef from Texas, and Sissy Biggers, a former Food Network host, cook their dishes in the same kitchen while bantering about themselves and their families. In one video, Mr. Love whips up barbecue chicken nuggets while Ms. Biggers puts together honey mustard chicken fingers. “We borrowed from chef reality shows to move beyond recipes on the jar or on the Web site,” said Doug Scott, president of Ogilvy Entertainment, which created the videos.
Meanwhile, Love's Fort Worth celebrity chef counterpart of actual reality show fame, Casey Thompson, is off shilling for Sam's Club. Apparently lowbrow endorsement deals are the hot new food trend. Maybe Love can work Schmellman's mayo into that signature roasted garlic-stuffed beef tenderloin? Which we kind of wondered as a joke until we saw @ChefTimLove tweet this earlier this morning: "Check out how [Schmellmann's] mayo is changing the way we think about using mayo! In the ny times today!!"

Talk about how you think about using mayo in the comments. Wait, actually ... don't.

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Lonesome Dove's dining room. [Photo: Lonesome Dove/Facebook]

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