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Dallas-Based La Madeleine To Expand With New Bakery Design, First-Ever Franchise Opportunities

The first-ever La Madeleine bakery opened on Mockingbird Lane three decades ago--actual French dude Patrick Leon Esquerré started it, because he was homesick--and now the company is revamping their restaurant concept with a "new, refined bakery-café design" and are offering franchise opportunities for the first time. Per a press release, VP of Frenchise franchise development Chris Cheek says only experienced restauranteurs will be eligible to fast-casual-ize their resumés:

“La Madeleine’s franchise program provides a smart investment opportunity, a concept like no other with an award-winning menu and untapped potential in the bakery-café category,” said Cheek. “Our goal is to work with experienced operators who are passionate about our brand and provide them with a world-class concept and extensive support to help them grow their business and the la Madeleine brand.”
The restaurant chain also finally figured out that their layout and ordering system is confusing as le hell, which is why new locations (besides a couple North Texas prototype-ish locations, which are already modified) will feature a centralized ordering point and "new flexible and visible signage." They're also implementing a "theatre-style design" so you can watch the people in the fun hats at work.

· La Madeleine [Official]

What your new tomato basil "soupe" fix will look like, roughly. [Photo: La Madeleine/Facebook]