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Wanna Buy A Cranky Casa Linda Coffee Shop?

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Cafe Lago, the popular coffee and snack stop for White Rock runners, bikers and dog-walkers is up for sale, according to Teresa Gubbins over at Pegasus News. If the shop appeals to you (and, we're guessing, your athletic shorts-wearing, adorable dog-toting self), owner Gabriela Kovacic says she's ready to sell and become a "hermit" after more than a decade in business. From an e-mail sent out this weekend, Kovacic isn't exactly giving people the hard sell, describing her business as constantly cranky, like a "chronic newborn." She writes:

"This decision has been long in coming. The more I think about what I want to do with Lago and I see how it’s evolved the more I realize that it is like a chronic newborn – no matter what you do, that baby may keep on crying! I decided that it may be best for someone else to come along. I’m more than ready to be a hermit."
Imagine! You could be the owner of "Dallas' first legal puppy patio."

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Cafe Lago, inside. [Photo: Roxanne K./Yelp]

Cafe Lago

9219 Garland Road # 1102 Dallas, TX 75218-3697