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Jason Weaver To Be Exec Chef At The Omni

omni.jpegJason Weaver, formerly executive chef of the (once five-star, now downgraded to three stars by Leslie Brenner) French Room at the Adolphus, will be taking the top position at the soon-to-open Omni Hotel in downtown, reports Brenner over at the DMN. In addition to the Adolphus on his resumé, Weaver also boasts positions at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas, the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan, and the Grill at the Dearborn, Michigan Ritz-Carlton. Weaver will do most of the food for the hotel at their eateries: Texas Spice, the Owner's Box, Uptown Terrace, Lobby Lounge and something called Morsels. The Bob's Steak and Chop House there will have its own chef. [EatsBlog]