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Last Stand On Mockingbird; Bistro 31 Opens Monday

PARK CITIES -- There is no controlling Alberto Lombardi and his seemingly unending capacity to launch upscale-ethnic casual dining establishments with European tendencies: Bistro 31, a "Mediterranean influenced restaurant serving local/seasonal foods with French, Italian and Spanish influences" opens Monday. [EscapeHatchDallas]

MOCKINGBIRD -- Similarly, there is no stopping Steven "If A Cocktail Is Poured And I'm Not There To Write About It, Does It Make A Sound?" Doyle, who says new bar the People's Last Stand is set to open next week in Mockingbird Station. Apparently their theme is "quality." [CraveDFW]

LAS COLINAS -- Sfuzzi, Uptown magnet for Most Eligible Dallas-types, is opening a Las Colinas location in October. Finally, you can stop putting all those miles on your leased BMW 3-series and get a $9 cocktail closer to home. [NBC DFW]

Sfuzzi in Uptown. [Photo: Sfuzzi/Facebook]

Bistro 31

87 Highland Park Village, , TX 75205 (214) 420-3900 Visit Website

Bistro 31

87 Highland Park Village Dallas, TX 75205-2733