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Bryan Street Tavern Boasts A Hell Of A Patio

Welcome to Eater Dallas's newest feature, Best Kept Secret, in which we visit Dallas' underground, under-appreciated or unknown spots featuring great food, booze or atmosphere.

[Photos: Collin Quick]

You remember the patio: that place you used to go to before it was ten million degrees outside, where you could sit at a picnic table at happy hour with your buddies, discuss the news of the world, maybe catch some televised sporting events? Yes, that place.

Eater Dallas loves a patio, but we don't love cramming in butt-to-butt on an endless bench, guarding our beers from Giant Jenga or eating mediocre bar food because it's the only thing on offer. Which is why we do love the Bryan Street Tavern, our best kept secret for patio times in Dallas. Sure, everyone loves Lee Harvey's, but if you're looking for a new spot, consider what Bryan Street Tavern has to offer that goes above and beyond other local patios.

They've got separated picnic tables that are easily accessible (sorry, GingerMan), Giant Jenga set apart from dining and drinking areas (sorry, Barcadia) and some of the finest bar food--pizza, actually--in town (sorry, Dallasite Club.) We wanted to share our love for the bar, tucked away in Old East Dallas with a great view of downtown, with those of you who may not know about this tucked-away spot, affiliated with none of Dallas' traditional entertainment districts. So have a gander at the photos, pick a table that looks good, and we'll see you there sometime.

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Bryan Street Tavern

4315 Bryan Street, , TX 75204 (214) 821-4447 Visit Website