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Reitz Intimidated By Big Weiners; UrbanTaco's Free 'Ritas

EXPO PARK -- Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz spent the day Tweeting live from the State Fair, and it sounds like the whole "Everything's bigger in Texas" thing started to get this D.C. boy down after a while. He Tweets: "Texas sized hot dog makes me feel inadequate. #fryit." [@ScottReitz]

MOCKINGBIRD -- Today's the first Rangers playoff game, and Urban Taco is giving away a free "RangerRita" to anyone who checks into their restaurants--Mockingbird or Uptown--on Foursquare or Facebook tonight. [Eaterwire]

UPTOWN -- The Ginger Man over on Boll Street is the fourth dog-friendliest restaurant in the whole country according to, which is owned by NBC, via an article on .... [NBC DFW]

Unsure what this wet stuff is on the ground by Big Tex. [Photo: Flickr/davidberkowitz]

The State Fair of Texas

3921 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75210