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Dallas Food Snob Crashes And Burns At Chipotle

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It seems only yesterday we met Rob the food snob, and already so much has changed. Grass fires burn in Central Texas. Rick Perry is a bonafide GOP presidential nominee. The world is a different place.

You remember Rob. He's the food snob who is such a food snob that his own wife got sick of him and challenged him to eat three meals a day at less than $12.50 per meal. Of course, if it seems we met him only yesterday, that's because we talked to him just five days into his month-long challenge, which he blogged about using a healthy peppering of profanity. And yesterday, eighteen days into his heroic gastronomical feat, Rob's challenge ended with a meal at Chipotle, not because he got tired of cheap food but because a dollop of guac put his ticket over $12.50. He writes:

It turns out that my meal was a shred over $12.50. I tried to take the guacamole back, but they'd have none of that. So I enjoyed my fail meal in peace. My wife was pleased. Just so you know, if I lost this bet, I was supposed to do another thirty days of cheap meals-- but this time, under $10.00 per meal. Fuck that. I need a goddamned man's meal.
Throughout the course of his trial, Rob suffered the indignity of eating at Golden Corral (he liked it), Burguesa Burger (he hated it), Torchy's (thumbs down for no booze) and made a particularly memorable trip to the Admiral's Club at the airport.

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Rob loved Golden Corral. [Photo: Golden Corral/Facebook]