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SideDish Contributor Gives A+ To Restaurant She Works For

Well, this is awkward: new SideDish contributor Danielle Glick, known to the Twitterati as @Dallas_Foodie, wrote a post this week for the D food blog about the best milkshakes in Dallas, but neglected to mention that her top-rated milkshake comes from one of the clients she represents in her social media marketing business. Specifically: she gave her sole "A+" rating to Twisted Root's booze-infused shakes made from in-house custard.

It wasn't long before commenters caught on. Writes commenter Kirk: "You’re kidding. Danielle Glick represents Twisted Root and she’s touting them in an “objective” piece on SideDish?" Glick responded in the comments, calling her affiliation "publicly available knowledge" and saying she told editor Nancy Nichols beforehand, adding: "Twisted Root has been one of my favorite milkshakes in town for more than a year before I knew anyone who worked there."

This morning, the story totally disappeared from SideDish, though the Google cache version shall live in infamy.

Nichols just posted an entry entitled "Learning How To Manage Blog Content The Hard Way," wherein she writes, in part:

Obviously there was a miscommunication. On SideDish, we do everything we can to avoid a conflict of interest. We pay for the food we review, we let you know if a report is from a free event or media dinner, and if there is a conflict with a restaurateur, we report that as well. And we have a closet full of wigs to prove it.
Nichols also notes that Glick was asked to disclose any conflicts of interest in her posts, which she obviously neglected to do in the milkshake piece, her first attempt after nailing down a monthly agreement with the blog. Nichols also said that Glick will not be contributing to SideDish in the future. (Incidentally, this is not the first time SideDish has performed a disappearing act with a contributor: FoodBitch was hired and fired in short order once publisher Wick Allison got wind of her edgy name.)

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Twisted Root

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