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Grassfires Burn Bonbons; HTX Bans Park Grills; Menu Rip-Off

This used to be Rosgar Bonbons in Bastrop.
This used to be Rosgar Bonbons in Bastrop.
Photo: Fayette County EMS/Facebook

AUSTIN—Afin rips off the menu design from Chicago's storied Alinea restaurant, Franklin Barbecue shows off their 10,000 pound smoker to Eater Austin, the Texas wildfires completely wipe out Roscar Bonbons in Bastrop and Parkside's Dan Wyman talks about why he never tweets about seeing celebrities in the restaurant. [EATX]

HOUSTON—Grilling in city parks is temporarily banned due to drought, eating cheese helps local farms affected by the raging Texas wildfires, a downtown pub owner relives the story of his stolen bus, and Top Chef Just Desserts chef Rebecca Masson gives the details of her ninja injury. [EHTX]

STATEWIDE—Sadly, statistics show that Texas is second to last when it comes to hungry the entire nation, on a much perkier note, San Antonio looks forward to its first Twin Peaks opening (the mountain-themed breastaurant), that deep-fried bubblegum from the state fair isn't actually bubblegum and the much awaited cookbook from Texan-turned-New-Yorker Lisa Fain is finally available for purchase next week. [MySanAntonio, Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle]