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Bye Burger Girl; Tim Love BBQ Deets; Lovers Souffle

UPTOWN -- McKinney Avenue has seen the last of Burger Girl, which "wasn't as profitable" as owners had hoped. They're still branching out to Las Vegas, and the suburban outfits are just fine. [PegasusNews]

FORT WORTH -- Bud "Eats Beat" Kennedy has more details on Tim Love's new Woodshed Smokehouse, which should be open by late October. Six to eight meats per day, a patio, plus 30 beers on tap. [EatsBeat]

INWOOD -- Entree Dallas visits Rise No. 1 on Lovers Lane, a restaurant dedicated mostly, but not entirely, to the art of the souffle--both sweet and savory. Bon! [EntreeDallas]

Burger Girl greets. [Photo: Yelp user LE S.]

Woodshed Smokehouse

3201 Riverfront Drive, Dallas - Fort Worth, TX 76107 817-877-4545 Visit Website

Burger Girl

4444 McKinney Avenue Dallas, TX 75205

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