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Taco Republic Now Open In Richardson

Richardson doesn't have to feel like it's missing out so much in the taco craziness with the newly opened Taco Republic. As Teresa Gubbins reports for Pegasus News, the new venture is the product of Ron Guest, co-founder of the now defunct Cafe San Miguel on Henderson Avenue.

"I recognized three years ago that tacos were going to be popular, but the economy got shaky, and I was never able to get anything going," Guest told Gubbins. But now he's up and running, serving up non-traditional fare that pairs fried catfish and shoestring fries with a corn tortilla, steak frites with a flour tortilla, and crawfish with queso.

Yes, that's correct. Crawfish queso. Chew on that for a while. Breakfast tacos are on the way; Guest is working on finalizing the menu.

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[Photo: Taco Republic/Official]

Taco Republic

760 S. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080