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Rave Until Brunch; Dublin Dr Pepper Is No More

UPTOWN -- Steven Doyle wants you to get out your glow sticks and check out the rave-tastic Sunday School Brunch coming up this weekend at Hotel ZaZa. Just remember: Don't look in the mirror while you're reading about it. [CraveDFW]

SODAWIRE -- If local breweries are big news, the Dr Pepper bottling settlement agreement ranks even higher. As of 5 p.m., there's is no more Dublin Dr Pepper, and Robert Wilonsky has all the pure-cane sugary facts in his recap here. [Unfair Park]

LOWER GREENVILLE -- Some people just don't understand the excitement over Trader Joe's coming to town. To explain, the Advocate's Keri Mitchell offers a visual guide for the Joe-less. [Advocate]

A 2011 Sunday School Brunch, with sparklers. [Photo: Hotel ZaZa Dallas/Facebook]

Hotel ZaZa

2332 Leonard St., Dallas, TX 75201