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The BBQ Snob Shares The Link Love

Full Custom Gospel BBQ's Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn doesn't just go out to get meat, he brings the meat indoors too.

In an effort to improve the quality of sausage going into and coming out of pits citywide, Vaughn just had his own sausage fest, wherein he scouted out, sliced and served up locally made links to his nearest and dearest meathearts (and one vegetarian. We're not exactly sure how that worked).

Selecting sausage from local wholesalers and shops like Rudolph's, Kuby's, Renko's, Hirsch's and others, Vaughn aimed to -- with the help of his tasters -- rank the meat and prove to those still addicted to their Sysco orders that better means no-filler and non-mechanically separated, among other things. In addition, he's showing that quality sausage can still be found at a reasonable price not just in the city, but also in the 'burbs. Which could be hard to swallow for the uneducated [rimshot! And apologies].

As Vaughn said:

"My hope is that these results will bring some awareness to you consumers and BBQ joints alike that there are plenty of locally made meats in tube form for you to enjoy. Now go have yourself a sausage fest."

After voting, Plano's Matador Meat hot link had landed at number one while Old Town Market's German sausage and Rudolph's Polish placed right in the middle. Hirsch's three entries brought up the bottom of the list, which proved a surprise to Vaughn.

Then again, there really aren't any losers, when you're eating local tube.

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[Photo: Rudolph's Meat Market/Official]