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Stephan Pyles Ate Worms; Moto Taco Reviewed

DOWNTOWN -- Brian Luscher asked fellow Chefs for Farmers member Stephan Pyles what the most amazing thing he'd eaten during his travels. ScReitz feels Peruvian chicken sounds better that date palm grub worms. Ah, to each his own. [City of Ate]

TACOWIRE -- The crew over at D Mag got tacos care of Moto Taco, the motorcycle delivery service. Staff reviews weren't so hot, but "Mac the Chief Taco Jockey" says the problematic tortilla sog is under investigation. [SideDish]

TRUCKWIRE -- Steven Doyle and the Crave crew offer the five food trucks they'd like to see added to the Dallas fleet. Naturally, surf, turf and stripping made the list. [CraveDFW]

Stephan Pyles. [Photo: Stephan Pyles/Official]

Stephan Pyles

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