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Top Chef Alum Wilcox In Deep Ellum Tonight

There are just three more Monday nights of celebrity guest cheffery at Il Cane Rosso before the Deep Ellum pie haven takes a break to expand into the space next door. Just. Three. More.

Tonight brings out the big guns of Tre Wilcox, former Top Cheftestant and executive chef at Marquee Grill. The friendly competition starts this eve at 6 and carries on until 10 p.m. We asked for a sneak of what Wilcox might have in store for pizza fans tonight and Jay Jerrier enthusiastically responded using the phrase "smoked beef tongue," so get those taste buds prepped ASAP.

Next week will showcase the talents of the Chrises Jeffers and Zielke from Bolsa, Smoke, Foundry, Mercado and probably 18 other ventures we've yet to experience. OK, possibly 19. Kent Rathbun will wrap the month.

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Tre Wilcox. [Photo: Marquee Grill/Official]

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