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Psst. TabbedOut Is In Dallas

You've heard of TabbedOut, right? No? It's an Austin-based app that means restaurant and bar patrons never have to hand over their credit card to another person.

Tested in Austin and surrounding areas, TabbedOut allows the patron to open a tab when they arrive, give a code to their server (for use in the restaurant's system), monitor it and pay it via their smartphone. Brilliant, right? In Austin, some merchants offer special deals for TabbedOut customers. It serves both parties -- no dealing with tabs left open and no walk of shame to collect forgotten cards.

While developer ATX Innovation Inc. has been raising funds and expanding around the company, a few popular Dallas spots have quietly been hosting the service. A recent search brought up four venues -- Komali, Sushi Zushi, Dream Cafe (Quadrangle) and the Brick/Joe's -- in Dallas proper, along with Wizards, Bavarian Grill and Lucky Lou's in various 'burbs as far out as Denton.

Christine Lott, manager of Dream Cafe in the Quadrangle, says the few customers that know about TabbedOut love the convenience and the Dream Cafe service team is enjoying it too. "In the restaurant business there's a list of standard customer complaints -- things like refills," Lott says. "And also on that list is waiting for the check, but [with TabbedOut] customers can pay and just walk out." Lott adds that the simplicity of the system benefits both patron and merchant.

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Dream Cafe

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