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The People's Last Stand Offers New Bites, Drinks

It seems not only has the People's Last Stand altered its food menu, but the new drink menu has been seriously expanded. Both new menus officially launched Friday at the Mockingbird Station meet-up, and despite the loss of some noteworthy names, the representation looks strong.

No more Biggie & Tupac, Biko or Mandela sandwiches -- at least, not on the official menu. The Kennedy (turkey), Gandhi (veggie) and Francesco (ham) remain, however. Additions come in the way of the P.L.T.'s sandwich, a baguette with proscuitto, romaine, tomato and seasoned mayo, as well as two new "small plates."

Cuban ropa vieja tacos and stuffed avocados (stuffed with chicken, cheeses and peppers, then baked) are tempting drinky taste buds of late. Foodbitch, though noting that avocado is not in its finest hour, found both to be worthy of ordering in her latest write-up.

Thankfully, already-favorite PLS cocktails like the Thyme Bomb and the Muay Thai still remain on the new drink menu -- the much larger, well-categorized drink menu.

The "Alchemy" section is loaded with the bartenders' original cocktails, the drinks PLS hopes will become "new classics." The Boleyn still stands with its Plymouth Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, muddled strawberry, lemon juice and rose water. But there are also seven others, including Sir Drake's Ghost, the name of which inexplicably entertains us.

Also making an appearance, and requiring some strong bartenderly skill, are numerous sours, flips (frothy egg or egg white cocktails), classic cocktails, and highballs, along with a couple Kon-Tiki themed beverages and aperitifs, all sectioned out for easy decision making -- or not-so-easy decision making as the case may actually be.

Omar Yeefoon, a familiar face to those who frequent the Mockingbird haunt -- actually, familiar to those who have been served in Dallas in the last 15 years -- told Eater Dallas today (and thanks to him for that since the PLS staff holiday party was last night) that with the bar packed for much of the past weekend, the response to the new menu has been very positive.

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The People's Last Stand

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