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Lockhart's Snout To Tail; Londoner To Open Near TCU

OAK CLIFF -- Lockhart Smokehouse has announced its seven-course Snout to Tail Beer Dinner is coming February 3 and will feature Saint Arnold brews. If snout is one and tail is seven, wonder what two through six involve (snort, snort). [Eaterwire]

ARLINGTON -- Quick poll: Isn't it disturbing that a woman running successful restaurant Avery's Bar-B-Que is somehow a surprise/something to hide? []

FORT WORTH -- Brace yourselves: The Londoner pub is going after a totally new bar demographic: college kids. [Star-Telegram]

[Photo: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook]

Lockhart Smokehouse

400 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208