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Leslie Brenner Tells Yu Darvish Where To Fork It

Here in RangerLand, the big word is definitely the club's signing of Japanese pitching sensation Yu Darvish. But Leslie Brenner wouldn't be LeBrenBren if she didn't put a culinary spin on that news ball.

She's got a list of worthy dining establishments she thinks Darvish should get a taste of, and to which she's more than happy to escort the new mound-dweller.

Smoke, Komali, Lucia, Tei-An, Campo, the Chesterfield, Yutaka and others made her first-string roster. Oh, and these, perfect for two very special occasions:

I'd also take him to Fuego for Stephan Pyles' modernist-slash-wood-fired tasting menu. Yes, it's pricey, but Darvish's wallet is stuffed with $60 million!

To celebrate his first no-hitter for the Rangers, I'd send him to Fearing's -- probably the most festive, most Dallas-y place to celebrate.

Brenner, if you book a Yu Darvish Dinner Tour, we'd be happy to be the DD ... or, um, call the cab after those Texas wines you mentioned. Or carry his glove.

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Ceviche Bar at Stephan Pyles. [Photo: Stephan Pyles/Facebook]


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