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The Office Grill Vacated; Scott Reitz Hates Valet Parking

NORTH DALLAS -- The evolution of the circumstances surrounding Office Grill's closing today is so intriguing. And since Michael Costa loves a good spin cycle, the updates make it even more so. [SideDish/Pegasus News]

INWOOD -- Teresa Gubbins Rich Vana offers a look at how loyal fans and lobster rolls have turned Rex's Seafood Market into a successful eatery. [Pegasus News]

VALETWIRE -- The Hipster Dreamboat hates valet parking here in Dallas and finds valet parking nearer to the venue than self-parking to be imposing, inconvenient and stupid. Also, it's "for pussies." Hmm. We tend to prefer our insults gender-neutral and so think it for gullible or spendthrifty chodes. [City of Ate]

[Photo: Office Grill/Facebook]