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An Original Torch Menu For Bid, Footage Of Torch Fire

We here at Eater Dallas are huge fans of old restaurant memorabilia. We sometimes -- OK, fine, often -- troll the interwebs for old photos, decor and menus.

In doing so we randomly happened upon two items, both related to the late Greek eatery, the Torch of Acropolis Restaurant in Oak Cliff. The first, an original Torch menu dated to the 1940s according to the seller, rareoldstuff.

A bit more somber is the second find from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. The third video in a series depicting firefighters battling flames at various locations, No. 3 here, captures the Torch ablaze.

· 1940s Rare Original "TORCH" Restaurant Menu [ebay]
· Firefighters Battle Dallas Fires, no. 3 [Texas Archive]

[Photo: rareoldstuff/ebay]