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Sweet Tots, Smoked Beer and Sucky Gyros

ARTS DISTRICT -- Just so we're clear, this announcement from The Commissary has nothing to do with Dance Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, or any sort of roving child performers: "Sweet tots are back by popular demand!!!" [Eaterwire]

SMOKEWIRE -- Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn hosted another taste test -- this time trading smoked meats for smoked beers. [Full Custom Gospel BBQ]

GYROWIRE -- Everyone, please stopped making your gyros with "processed meat cone" so Dallas' New Andy Rooney Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz can sleep at night. Also, what is the deal with pita?! [City of Ate]

[Photo: The Commissary/Facebook]

The Commissary [CLOSED]

1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201