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Soup's On! 2012 Was A Slurp-Worthy Success

The Stewpot Alliance's annual Soup's On! fundraiser took place yesterday at Union Station, with the goal of raising a $250,000 donation to the Stewpot, a charity providing services to the homeless and at-risk in Dallas, as in past years.

The Grape's Brian Luscher served as chef chair for the event, inviting guest chefs -- including Matt McCallister, Bruno Davaillon, Janice Provost and Abraham Salum, among others -- to prepare a soup course for a section of attendees. Luscher prepared the Grape's famous mushroom soup, and gave us the scoop on his colleagues' concoctions, though he resisted naming a favorite.

Luscher tweeted to @EaterDallas, "KILLED IT! 600 generous peeps and lotsa $ at #SoupsOn benefitting The Stew Pot," before later sending more details via quick (and quick-witted) email:

of course, everyone's soup was the best
Bruno always brings the big guns, he might have been shucking fresh roasted chestnuts or killing live lobsters over in the corner. Such a stud.
The broth on Keith Hanks' Minestrone was pretty special.
The Big Cat's soup had a rockin' home made Andouille. (Randall Copeland)
Janice's soup was the Miss Congeniality of the show, and so pretty.
"Big Al" Havens and Abraham Salum had a roasted Poblano Soup that the most amazing color.
[Host Gary] Cogill told everyone that Kevin Garvin had steak soup...but the white bean chicken chili was killer.
The Grape's Famous Mushroom Soup, is always a crowd pleaser.
The event was not only a dining experience and a chance for Dallas chefs to stir things up together, but also as an art auction for works created by those in the Stewpot's art programs. Jeanette Walls, author of The Glass Castle, served as keynote speaker and Wolfgang Puck Catering provided non-soup food service.

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The Soup Chefs in the Union Station kitchen. [Photo: Rob Wythe]