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Oak's Jason Maddy Thinks You're Classic, Sophisticated

Lauren Drewes Daniels has really turned City of Ate's Three-Course Meal series into a gem.

This installment with Oak's Jason Maddy offers short-order surprises: Would you believe that before his stint at the Mansion on Turtle Creek he worked at McDonald's, IHOP and Macaroni Grill? Indeed, it's true.

Drewes Daniels also gleans Maddy nuggets on former boss Bruno Davaillon, where he likes to grocery shop and the differences between Dallas' and Austin's dining scene. OK, fine, so we can all guess that "laid back" will be part of that answer. But after all the shit-talk about Dallas diners over the years, it's this comment that we particularly adored:

I think it's a classic city. Things that are good are going to stay because the diner knows what they're looking for. Dallas diners are sophisticated. It's a huge city and people travel to LA and New York a lot, so they know what they're looking for. They want quality and they understand value at the same time.
Well said, Maddy, and well played. Our guess is that your responses will not only earn you positive feedback, but many new "sophisticated" diners at Oak.

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Oak. [Photo: Rose Baca/EDFW]


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