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Villa-O Cutting Lunch; Food Apps With Food Peeps

KNOX-HENDERSON -- Nancy "Merriam-Webster Be Damned, Brunch Is Not For Fridays" Nichols makes an astute and not-at-all obvious assessment that for Villa-O to close four lunch shifts a week is a bad sign. [SideDish]

WEBWIRE -- If you don't want Scott Reitz to blow a spicy Tex-Mex brain gasket, you web-savvy restaurateurs best turn off that heinous website music right quick-like. [City of Ate]

APPWIRE -- There's no app to tell you which apps local food pros favor, but lo, there is an article. Shockingly, the word "foodie" appears only twice after the headline. [Star-Telegram]

[Photo: Villa-O/Facebook]


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4514 Travis St., Dallas, TX 75205