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Lookin' For Poutine; Pie Five Is Alive

FRISCO -- SideDish's Daniel Walker would like some Dallas restaurants to Canuck-up and deliver the poutine. The Kenny's Burger Joint version just doesn't cut the curd. [SideDish]

FAR NORTH DALLAS -- The Pie Five at Belt Line and the Tollway is open -- apparently with incredibly loud music in addition to its five-minute individual pizzas. Get ready to shout your order like Emily Toman had to. [Advocate]

BAKERWIRE -- The Texas Department of State Health Services is jacking with the Cottage Food Law and with bakers (selling product out of their homes). It's a passionate argument on both sides -- just read these comments. [City of Ate]

[Photo: Kenny's Burger Joint/Facebook]

Kenny's Burger Joint

1377 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX 75034 214 618 8001

Kenny's Burger Joint

1377 Legacy Drive, Suite 120, Frisco, TX 75034

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