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Lockhart Celebrated Anniversary With Family, Friends And Beef Cheek Focaccia

Yesterday, Lockhart Smokehouse and friends observed its first year with a full-throttle barbecue celebration. Credited as one of the establishments that has brought legit barbecue fanaticism back to life in Dallas, Lockhart, fittingly, welcomed local meat lovers as well as Texas barbecue legends during the party.

After reading a Facebook status of, "Thanks to everyone that came out last night. If you Monday is a little slow, brisket tacos make that um, headache, better," Eater chuckled, then reached out to Jill Bergus for her take on the anniversary party. We then hung our head in reporter's guilt, feeling a shade despicable, as we realized we'd just asked a lovely person with what could be an awful hangover to respond, with coherent verbiage, to a media outlet.

Nevermind, though, because Bergus responded with catlike swiftness, and even a sweet anecdote (must be the brisket):

Party was great, we smoked a whole hog, made rib tamales, deviled eggs with Kreuz market jalepeno and cheese sausage, and beef cheek focaccia. The Lone Star beer was flowing, thanks to our friends there. The best part was the family that came up from Lockhart. My cousin Keith Schmidt, owner of Kreuz and his dad Rick, the previous owner of Kreuz trekked up for the event. Grandma Alma Schmidt had a great time talking to everyone about BBQ. And Kreuz descendant Ed Williams also came to the party- a real family reunion! The highlight for us was when Rick tasted our brisket and said, "This is really good" Jeff replied thank you and Rick went on, "no it really is, I don't even have to lie about it!" High praise from a BBQ legend.

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[Photo: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook]

Lockhart Smokehouse

400 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208