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The Granada Celebrates Sundown; Coffee Drinkers Needn't Fret

LOWER GREENVILLE -- Don't forget to head down to Sundown at Granada this eve as the new beer garden and restaurant is right now hosting an open house for the bar. Kitchen service comes later on -- tonight, it's all about celebrating the new hooch. [Eaterwire]

PERKWIRE -- For those lamenting the price hike at Bucky's, Lauren Drewes Daniels provides a solid list of where to get a Dallas cuppa that won't break the bank. [City of Ate]

TRUCKWIRE --'s Joseph Daniel shows The Butcher's Son some love and raves about its well-known sausage. That sounds much more graphic than it really is. []

[Photo: Sundown/Facebook]

The Butcher's Son

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